The New Chucky Movie Looks Surprisingly Good, and Scary as All Hell

Chucky is some sort of evil Furby in the 'Child's Play' trailer.


NASA's Mars Rocket is Over Budget and Behind Schedule, Audit Finds

“At its current rate, we project Boeing will expend at least $8.9 billion through 2021—double the amount initially planned—while delivery of the first Core Stage has slipped 2½ years.”


Anthrax's Scott Ian Remembers Metallica's "Orion" in Reissue Essay

"Seriously, did they find a bottle of Beethoven pills?"


This Colossal Gas Filament in the Orion Nebula Is Some Kinda Cosmic Dragon

Captured by the Green Bank Telescope in Virginia, the filament sheds light on the mysteries of star birth.


Jubilee Takes The Pre-Game to Austin, Texas with Orión García and Keeper's Erin Jantzen

Two of the Austin's most beloved party people talk shop on SXSW, new music, and throw down a red hot guest mix.


NASA Is Making Soylent-Like Food Bars For Astronauts

Flavors include "ginger vanilla" and "barbeque nut."


Astronomers Have Captured the ‘Deepest’ View of the Orion Nebula to Date

The HAWK-I infrared instrument peers deep into this iconic stellar nursery.


The Celestial Math Behind Leap Year

You can thank the stars for the extra day today.


NASA’s New Mars-Bound Space Launch System Is a Go

The rocket that will take the first humans to Mars just passed its design review and is ready for production


One of Music's Biggest Conspiracy Theories: Was the Pop Star Orion Actually Elvis in a Mask?

VICE talked to filmmaker Jeanie Finlay about her new documentary, the story of musician Jimmy 'Orion' Ellis who had an uncanny resemblance—both physically and musically—to the King.


NASA Is Sending Astronauts to Orbit the Moon by 2023

This is a delay from the original launch date to test the Orion capsule, which was planned for 2021.


Can Uber Take on UPS?

Offering more drivers for less money likely won't beat out the delivery industry's algorithms.