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How Putin is using the Orthodox Church to build his power

The Orthodox Church is now at the absolute center of public life and official morality.
Josh Hersh

STIs, Shame, and the Sabbath: What It’s Like to Learn About Sex as an Orthodox Jew

Modern Orthodox children aren't as sheltered from secular life the way some more strict Jewish denominations are, but talking about sex is still taboo, and can leave some kids confused—I know I was.
Jackson Krule

What I Learned from Living with the Controversial Catholic Sect Opus Dei as a Queer Person

I spent a year living in an all-male religious commune run by an obscure Roman Catholic sect. Here's what that was like.
Shon Faye

Life After Leaving Israel’s Ultra Orthodox Jewish Communities

For many ex-ultra-Orthodox Jews, leaving the community means being excommunicated by their families, shunned by their friends, and learning how to navigate the modern world alone.
Livia Albeck-Ripka

A Former Orthodox Rabbi Reveals Himself Through Taboo Sexual Art

Russian artist Vartan explores his identity in the artistic realm through powerful mystical sculptures.
Anya Tchoupakov

Dramatic Photos of Fully Grown Adults Getting Baptized

It's not just screaming children taking the plunge.
Remus Ţiplea, Words by Robert Alexe

Why Israeli's Prime Minister Is Getting Major Flak for Eating at a Florence Restaurant

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a backlash for dining with Italian Prime Minister at a three-Michelin-starred but decidedly non-kosher restaurant.
Alex Swerdloff

Photos of Greek Christians Crawling to Pray on the Island of Tinos

Every August, pilgrims literally crawl to a holy icon of Virgin Mary that is believed to have healing powers.
Michael Pappas, Words: Melpomeni Maragkidou
middle east

In Photos: Jerusalem In the Wake of the LGBT Pride Murder

A fatal stabbing spree by an ultra-Orthodox man at Jerusalem’s LGBT pride march on July 30 shocked the city, Israel, and the world. VICE News reports on the demonstrations and tension following this event.
middle east

How a Brutal Murder Is Changing Jerusalem’s LGBT Community

In the week after a deadly stabbing at Jerusalem's gay pride parade that shocked Israel, the Holy City's LGBT and Orthodox communities have been thrust into a moment of crisis.
Kevin Dolak
middle east

Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade Stabbing Suspect Identified as 2005 Attacker

Yishai Schlissel had just been released from a 10 year prison sentence for the 2005 stabbing.
Charlotte Meredith
war and conflict

We Witnessed an Initiation Ceremony That Turned Ragtag Rebels Into Cossacks

VICE News watched an hourlong initiation rite where a band of rebels fighting in Eastern Ukraine officially become Cossacks, renowned for centuries for their battlefield prowess.
Jack Losh and Daniel Metcalfe