Why Osaka just cut sister-city ties with San Francisco

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Japan’s Skyline is Full of Self-Replicating Architecture

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Photos of a Woman Trying to Make It in Japan’s Rope Bondage Scene

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No Boys Allowed in the Mysterious Girl Nerd Cafe of Osaka

The Ataraxia Cafe in Osaka, Japan is a modest place where female anime and cosplay fans can indulge in their nerdiest hobbies free from the grubby presence of boys.


The Woman Who Makes Prosthetic Pinkies for Ex-Yakuza Members

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You Have to Go Underground to Find Some of Japan's Finest Sake

It was a sunny afternoon in Osaka, and I had decided to spend it drinking in a hole in the ground. But the hole was, in fact, a legendary sake bar where I sampled some of the greatest sake coming out of Japan.