Osama Bin Laden


The U.S. Put a $1M Bounty on Osama bin Laden’s Son in February. He Was Already Dead.

Details about where, how, and when Hamza bin Laden died are still murky.


The U.S. just put a $1 million bounty on Osama bin Laden’s son

Hamza bin Laden, who is in his 30s, is suspected of having taken up the family business.


The Democrat Who Compared Trump to Osama bin Laden Is an Amazing Dummy

Dan Helmer may not win his primary, but he's left behind an impressive legacy of crappy ads.


Navy SEAL who says he killed Bin Laden calls Trump's military parade "bullshit"

“A military parade is Third World bullshit. We prepare. We deter. We fight. Stop this conversation,” he tweeted.


Bin Laden watched a 9/11 truther video and saved "asss" GIFs

Some of the documents give insight into Al Qaeda’s relationship with Iran; others, like pages from Osama Bin Laden’s personal journal, give insight into the terrorist’s personal life. But perhaps most intimate and revealing are the files showing the...


The CIA Just Released Thousands of Files From Osama bin Laden's Compound

The files include documents about the Illuminati as well as “Charlie Bit My Finger.”


The CIA's Fake Vaccine Drive to Find Osama Bin Laden Lowered Vaccination Rates in Pakistan

News of the ploy made the Taliban even more anti-vax than it already was.


The Horrifying True Story of a CIA Waterboarding Victim

Despite being tortured and in CIA custody for over a decade, Abu Zubaydah has still not been charged with a crime.


Ahmad Khan Rahami bought his bomb parts on eBay, FBI says

The suspect in the recent bomb incidents New York and New Jersey also kept a notebook full of jihadist writings, according to charging documents.