Osama Bin Laden

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The Democrat Who Compared Trump to Osama bin Laden Is an Amazing Dummy

Dan Helmer may not win his primary, but he's left behind an impressive legacy of crappy ads.
Harry Cheadle
data dumps

The CIA Just Released Thousands of Files From Osama bin Laden's Compound

The files include documents about the Illuminati as well as “Charlie Bit My Finger.”
Louise Matsakis
Unintended Consequences

The CIA's Fake Vaccine Drive to Find Osama Bin Laden Lowered Vaccination Rates in Pakistan

News of the ploy made the Taliban even more anti-vax than it already was.
Jesse Hicks

The Horrifying True Story of a CIA Waterboarding Victim

Despite being tortured and in CIA custody for over a decade, Abu Zubaydah has still not been charged with a crime.
Adrian Levy

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hillary Clinton warns the Nation of the dangers of Trump in her DNC speech, two cops were shot in San Diego, the FBI investigates another Democrat group hack, and more.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, police found bomb-making materials at Dallas shooter Micah Johnson's home suggesting he had "other plans" for violence, dozens of protesters were arrested in Baton Rouge, and more.
Vice Beta

A New Book Analyzes the Poetry of History’s Most Evil People

Apparently iron fists and tender souls aren't mutually exclusive.
Wout van Gils

The Drawbacks of Jihad: Meet the British Rapper Who Was Accused of Glorifying Terrorism

Aki Nawaz has been involved in sieges in Gaza, met with jihadists, and attempted to visit Bin Laden. In the UK, he couldn't go out in public for fear of abuse. Now he's releasing his seventh album as the cult multi-ethnic hip-hop outfit Fun-Da-Mental.
Jack Dutton

The CIA's Last Detainee Warms Up to LeBron, and More Letters from Guantanamo Bay

In these letters, written in June and recently declassified by the government, Muhammad Rahim covers everything from LeBron (again) and the Ashely Madison hack to his capture and dentention.
Andrew Helms
All Fronts

Why Did Bin Laden Have a Guide for a Terrible Game About Hunting Terrorists?

I replayed 'Delta Force: Xtreme 2' with Osama on my mind.
Emanuel Maiberg

The Former FBI Agent Who Believes He Could Have Prevented 9/11

Mark Rossini believes that if the CIA hadn't stopped a memo from reaching his bosses at the FBI, the terrorist attack—and the world-changing aftermath that followed—would never have happened.
John Surico
muhammad rahim

The CIA's Last Detainee Hates LeBron James, and Other Letters From Guantanamo Bay

Muhammad Rahim's letters from Guantanamo reveal more than just his take on LeBron James; they also show he's more than what the government says he is.
Andrew Helms