• My Documentary Crew Was Attacked in Ukraine for Being American

    By the time the tear gas filled the van, I had already covered my face with my hoodie. I could feel tiny shards of glass in my mouth. The windows had been smashed. My friends were screaming. All I could think was, Am I going to die?

  • A Meth Pipe Shattered Inside a North Dakota Woman's Vagina

    What started as your plain old, run of the mill car accident resulted in a woman being arrested while pieces of glass from a shattered meth pipe were stuck up her vagina. Turns out hiding an object made of glass inside your body isn't such a hot idea.

  • Literary

    We’ve been getting regular visits in print from everybody’s favourite radical-thinking former bodybuilder, ultimate fighter, bouncer, singer and all-round loveable loony tune since he wrote the Vice Guide to Getting Beaten Up for us way back when for...