Photos of the Dangerous, Tight-Knit World of Australian Rodeo

"They’re completely sunburned and injured, but they still manage to smile."
Sam Nichols

South Australia Is Killing Coal Power and This Town is Doomed

A renewable future won't need Leigh Creek, which is a town built on coal mining. We visited to see how the locals are facing the end.
Royce Kurmelovs

Visiting Australia's Oldest Mosque in an Isolated Outback Town

The story of how Afghan cameleers helped settle rural Australia in the 19th century.
Royce Kurmelovs

Shooting the Aura of the Australian Outback

Tim Hillier's photos of the Outback shot from single-engine planes paint the landscape with rainbows.
Tim Hillier

Haunting, Desolate Photos of an Australian Mining Town

Abigail Varney's series explores a sense of space and desolation.
Abigail Varney

There's a Museum in the Australian Outback Dedicated to Mad Max

Adrian Bennett moved his entire life and his whole family to the a town in Australia with less than 100 people just to open a museum dedicated to <i>Mad Max 2</i>, better known in America as <i>The Road Warrior</i>. I asked him what the hell he was...
Dave Schilling

We Watched New York's Sexiest Drug Princess Smoke Weird Shit

We watched a cam girl named CrackDoubt smoke a credit card, the Bible, and a college diploma to see if she could get high on life.
Mitchell Sunderland

Sugar Cum Is a Sexual Supplement That Makes Guys' Semen Taste Sweet

Sugar Cum is a sexual supplement that claims to make males' "funky tasting junk" taste sweet. Could the pill let guys eat at the Outback Steakhouse before they jizz all over their significant others' faces? I tried the pill to find out.
Mitchell Sunderland

We Went To An Outback Love Hunt

With 89 percent of Australians living in cities, we’re the most urbanised country in the world. But with most of our population crammed into cities, you have to feel for the other 11 percent. That’s where B&S or bachelors and spinsters balls come in...
VICE Staff
wild things

The Dog Hunter

In the close-knit world of dog hunting, Tom Varney is a legend. Tom is a former psychotic criminal who later found God and devoted himself to serving his fellow man. In a strange twist of morality, this led to his life's work: shooting wild dogs.
VICE Staff
VICE Australia

Teens Are Being Trapped in Abusive 'Drug Rehab Centers'

The methods used at these facilities are arguably traceable to an anti-drug cult in the 60s called the Church of Synanon. Their method was to abduct addicts and then “rehabilitate” them through beatings and humiliation. Former patients have been airing...
Matt Shea
The Food Issue

Bush Eating

So, the Aborigines, seemingly in the first few minutes of their really long tenure on the land have developed a menu that reads something like a list of rejected Fear Factor ideas.
Bruce Doon