outdoors week 2017


Undraining the Swamp

Florida is trying to undo decades of damage to the Everglades.


Following a Google Map to Nowhere Is Easy. Getting Out Is Hard

The connected map, the GPS dot, is a different sense of safety than the static map.


The City of the Future Is Hiding in the Arizona Desert

Paolo Soleri’s radical experiment in urban planning has been running in the middle of the Arizona desert for nearly 50 years.


How America’s National Parks Became Hotbeds of Paranormal Activity

Bigfoot and aliens have come to overshadow the government’s aging database of missing persons cold cases.


Reclaimed Land

Inside Colorado's Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, a former Superfund site that embodies the painful past and uncertain future of nuclear cleanup in America.


'The Long Dark' Is a Video Game Where the Main Character Is the Wilderness

A video game about awe or horror, depending on how you feel about the great outdoors.


What Will the Outdoors Sound Like in the Future?

We spoke to the lead tech at the National Park Service Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division about dwindling quiet spaces.


How to Scrub GPS Data from Your Photos

A guide to not doxxing at-risk animal species (yourself included).


Inside Antarctica's Illicit Gaming Scene

People are going to great lengths to play mobile augmented-reality game 'Ingress' on Earth’s frozen, southernmost continent.


The Video Game Based on Thoreau's 'Walden' Will Bring You Closer to Nature

It expands upon the original written work and, more specifically so, the location in which it was conceived.


Engineers Want Gamers to Explore the Moon with a Remote-Controlled Nanobot

Why go outside when you can visit the Moon from your bedroom?


'Skyrim' Looks Better With Real Trees

'Every Tree Different' promises to make every tree of the open-world video game unique.