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Chef Edward Lee Wants to Solve the Nation’s Line Cook Shortage

Young people admitted to the chef's new educational initiative go through a paid program designed to teach vocational skills by working every single job in his restaurants.
Natalie B. Compton
2016 US election

The GOP ignored its own advice about how to win in 2016

Four years ago the Republican Party said it needed to do more to attract Hispanic voters. Then they elected Donald Trump. What happened?

This Grassroots Group Is Feeding Home-Cooked Meals to the Homeless in Las Vegas

Siloh Moses was living on the streets of Las Vegas just 18 months ago. Since then, he founded ServingHopeLV, a grassroots organization that brings home-cooked meals to the homeless.
Ocean Malandra

San Francisco Mayor Vows to Remove City's Homeless by Super Bowl Weekend

Homeless advocates note that an effort to correct the problem by issuing citations or clogging up jails could produce heavy residual costs for the city and its homeless population.
Colleen Curry

This Rooftop Garden Is Feeding Atlanta's Homeless

The Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless maintains a rooftop garden of 80 colorfully painted raised beds of tender lettuces, collard greens, kale, chard, carrots, strawberries, and more tended by (and providing work experience for) the hundreds of...
Brook Bolen

China's New 'Forrest Gump' Restaurant Is Staffed by Waiters with Learning Disabilities

Inspired by the "courage and optimism" of the famous film character immortalized by Tom Hanks, one Chinese restaurateur has opened an eatery in Changchun that is staffed by people with learning disabilities.
Jamie Fullerton

How a Former 'MASH' Actor Is Teaching Scientists to Be Extroverts

Science outreach is crucial, especially in a nation that loves to ignore science.
JP Lawrence

Juvenile Delinquents Are Trading Crime for Coffee at This Rotterdam Cafe

In Rotterdam, a new cafe is helping young men turn away from lives of crime by giving them jobs roasting and serving coffee. But this ain't charity—they're making legitimately great coffee.
Frans Blokhuis

Forget the Super Bowl, Microbes Are Playing Sports in Outer Space

Winners of Project MERCCURI’s “Microbial Playoffs” include a specimen swabbed from the bottom of astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s shoe.
Maddie Stone

Can Hotlines Stop Muslims from Becoming Radicalized?

The Netherlands is the latest European country to launch a hotline aimed at talking Muslims in immigrant communities out of becoming jihadists, but it's not clear how effective these programs are.
Mark Hay
asia & pacific

Health Workers in India Are Using Pink Dildos to Encourage Men to Use Condoms

India's social conservatism makes it difficult for most people to talk frankly about sex, whether in the case of birth control or in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.
Sonia Paul

Ebola Might Leave Survivors Food-Strapped in Liberia

The first diagnosed case of ebola in the United States has sent some people in the West into a panic, but the reality of the virus is still far worse in West Africa, where the outbreak has sent some food prices soaring and potentially endangered...
Matthew Zuras