The Lazy Person's Guide to Eating Cheap, Sustainable Sushi

With the help of two seafood experts , we put together a guide to eating sustainable sushi for you, lazy person. Bad news about that spicy tuna roll.
Hilary Pollack
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The Politics of Food: Bluefin Tuna

From Los Angeles to Japan, host Sasha Issenberg—journalist and author of The Sushi Economy—follows the trail of the threatened Pacific bluefin tuna to find out if our appetite for sushi just might end up devouring this diamond of the sea.
Sasha Issenberg

Nine Massive Fisheries Just Pledged to Combat Overfishing and Slave Labor

The world may be burning, but there's still some hope for our oceans.
Alex Swerdloff
sustainable seafood

All of This Restaurant's Seafood Is Waste from the World's Biggest Fish Market

The fish is sourced entirely from the 20,000 tons of edible seafood that is thrown out each year due to “imperfections” ranging from scratched skin to discoloration.
Jessica Thompson
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What You Missed from the MUNCHIES Future of Food Week

This week, MUNCHIES has been exploring the future of food on planet Earth.
Munchies Staff

Why Eating Bluefin Tuna Is Like Eating a Panda Bear

Your typical lunch might be a salmon avocado roll, Hawaiian-style poke, or a rice bowl with grilled shrimp. But this mindful move towards seafood—while well-intentioned—can have huge negative ramifications for the environment.
Matt Griffin
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What If We Had All Listened to NASA and Started Eating Krill?

We spoke to a bunch of marine researchers about what it would have been like if we actually started eating tons of krill like a NASA report once suggested.
Alex Swerdloff

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Tracking 35,000 of the World's Fishing Boats

DiCaprio says that the technology, called Global Fishing Watch, will "empower citizens across the globe to become powerful advocates for our oceans."
Alex Swerdloff

Report Says that Global Warming Is Killing Off the Fish In Africa’s Deepest Lake

Since the 1940s, species in Lake Tanganyika—the second-largest freshwater lake in the world—have lost 38 percent of their suitable habitat in the water.
Wyatt Marshall

We Are About to Hit the Point of No Return for Sustainable Fishing

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization just released its biannual State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report and the findings are unsettling to say the least.
Alex Swerdloff

Climate Change Is Stranding Hundreds of Dying Baby Sea Lions in California

The ripples of climate change are being seen all around the world, but it’s not often they wash up on our very doorstep.
Sarah Emerson

Pacific Bluefin Tuna Are Really, Really, Really Doomed

Bluefin is considered to be at only 2.6 percent of the population it would be at if it were unfished. That’s down from a previous assessment of 4.2 percent.
Alex Swerdloff