The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump orders ban on bump stocks, Oxfam loses thousands of donors over Haiti scandal, North Korea said to have bailed on meeting Mike Pence, and more.
VICE Staff

What Life Was Like for Young Women Living Under ISIS

"My mom’s hair and skin were all over the walls. We've cleaned it off, but when we came back here, I remember what happened and I think of our family."
Harriet Hernando
Fast Food

How Global Food Prices Led to the Rise of Fast Food

With Western convenience, of course, comes high levels of fat, sugar, and salt.
Nick Rose

Jo Cox Was the Ideal of a Public Servant

The Labour MP fought hate and injustice for her whole life. Here, the people who knew her call on others to continue that fight.
Oscar Rickett
food politics

Are the Workers Who Process America's Chicken Forced to Wear Diapers?

According to a new report from Oxfam America, workers are regularly forced to wear diapers on the line because they are not permitted to take regular bathroom breaks. Others just urinate or defecate while on the line.
Alex Swerdloff

Your Designer Look Could Be Waiting at a Charity Shop

Recreating high-end fashion design with the clothes from your closet.
Catherine Chapman

It’s Increasingly Unsafe to Farm or Fish in Gaza

Gazan residents say that farming and fishing in the area are dangerous endeavors, alleging that Israeli forces routinely open fire on them when they attempt to work their land or fish their waters.
Lauren Rothman