‘Antidotes’ Still Hints at Foals Being This Generation’s Radiohead

Ten years on, Foals' first record is a singular, expansive piece of art.


What I Learned from Competitive Blind Wine Tasting at Oxford

I figured if I was going to be at Hogwarts, I might as well put on a goddamned wizard robe.


The Tardigrade Will Be the Last Living Thing On Earth

Water bears shall inherit the planet.


A New Student-Led Campaign Sends Refugees to Oxford for Free

Students at the UK's oldest university are giving refugees a chance for an education.


An Unexploded WWII Bomb in Thames Might Stop Cambridge vs. Oxford Boat Race

Police say that it's too early to tell how the bomb will affect the race, but will try and send in a bomb squad at low tide to investigate.


Plants Can Assess Risk Similar to Animals

Researchers made a pea plant ‘decide’ between growing in two different pots, demonstrating for the first time that plants assess risk similar to animals.


Dogs May Have Been Domesticated Twice

Such genome. So archaeology. Wow.


Snowden's Surveillance Leaks Made People Less Likely to Read About Surveillance

New Oxford study shows evidence of post-Snowden “chilling effects” in what people read on Wikipedia.


Why the US Is Buying Up So Many UK Artificial Intelligence Companies

DeepMind, SwiftKey, VocalIQ—Does the UK need to worry about a brain drain in artificial intelligence?


I Hung Out with Shia LaBeouf in an Elevator in the Name of Art

He's staying there for 24 hours and live streaming it.


Calls for Justice Increase Amid Mourning for Murdered Student Giulio Regeni

VICE News spoke to friends and colleagues of Giulio Regeni, an Italian academic and Cambridge PhD student who was murdered in Egypt while conducting research on trade unions.