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Dark Matter

A New Theory Unifies Dark Matter and Dark Energy as a ‘Dark Fluid’ With Negative Mass

Can one of Einstein’s forgotten theories solve the riddle of why 95 percent of the stuff in the universe appears to be missing?
Daniel Oberhaus
Noisey News

Stormzy Is Making Waves in the UK's Whitest, Stuffiest Institutions

The Croydon MC has made his way into both the House of Commons and Oxford University this week.
Lauren O'Neill

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Victory for protesters as the Dakota Access pipeline is halted, PizzaGate becomes real-life gun scare in Washington, DC, first Oakland fire victims identified, and more.
VICE Staff
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Someone Gave a TED Talk About the Science Behind Dubstep

Even if that wobble isn't your favorite sound, this introduction to its mechanics is pretty interesting.
Alexander Iadarola

The 'Limitless Pill' Could Soon Turn Us All into Superhuman Workers

No one knows much about modafinil, the study drug on the rise in universities and workplaces, but we do know it works and that it gives you a terrible headache.
Hannah Ewens
mental health

How VR Could Be Used to Treat Severe Paranoia

"The best way to deal with a fear is to go into the situation. And learn that you are safer than you think."
Emiko Jozuka

Each of These Alien-Like Insects Was Created from Over 8,000 Photographs

Levon Biss uses macrophotography to capture insects in unprecedented detail.
Emiko Jozuka

Down on the Farm

Being a farmer isn’t all verdant pastures. It’s a physically demanding job with all-weather hours—often working alone. Add in easier access to firearms and declining food prices, and you have a potentially lethal combination.
Phoebe Hurst

How Real-Life Quidditch Has Become the World's Most Progressive Sport

Who actually plays JK Rowling's made-up broomstick sport? We visited a quidditch tournament and found a safe space for people of all genders and identities.
VICE Staff
Oxford University

As More Work Moves Online, The Threat of 'Digital Sweatshops' Looms

For some in developing countries, virtual assembly lines of data entry have parallels with bricks-and-mortar factories.
Emiko Jozuka

The Battle Between Oxford University Students and the British Empire

Leaked documents show that Oxford University trustees were concerned about losing around $150 million in donations if they removed a statue of a famed 19th century British Empire-builder.
Katie Engelhart

A New Study Says Living Near a Pub Makes You Happier

New research from Oxford University has found that living close to a pub can make you “significantly” happier.
Phoebe Hurst