Ozone Recovery Continues, But Suspected Emissions From China Slows Progress

The Montreal Protocol of 1987 continues to be a success story about international environmental cooperation.


A Bomb Squad Blew Up a University Student Science Project

Encased in Styrofoam, the ozone-measuring instrument landed on Redwood Road in Castro Valley.


China’s Construction Industry Is Putting Earth’s Ozone Layer Back At Risk

A rise in atmospheric levels of CFC-11, a substance banned by the Montreal Protocol, prompted environmental investigators to find the source.


Cars, Corruption, and Climate Change Linked to Return of Horrendous Smog in Mexico City

The worst bout of air pollution in over a decade has raised fears that the Mexican capital could be heading back to the days when constantly watering eyes and irritated throats were the norm.


Mexico City's Smog Problem Isn't Getting Better Because People Hate Public Transit

Status concerns and an overblown terror of crime, as well as the limitations of the service, mean many of the city's residents refuse to abandon their cars despite continued air pollution and ever-increasing congestion.


Paragliding in New Zealand Is Extreme

Warning: You may have trouble sticking it out for the rest of the day at the office.


Meet the 'Merchants of Doubt' Who Sow Confusion about Tobacco Smoke and Climate Change

Climate change deniers have borrowed a page from efforts to sow confusion about the link between nicotine and cancer, the hole in the Ozone Layer, and other efforts to protect human health and the environment.


Extreme Thunderstorms Might Be Making Climate Change Worse

Scientists found a 'ram's horn' of ozone during a thunderstorm — and that could be exacerbating climate change.


Koch-Funded Group Compares Proposed EPA Regulations to CIA Torture

The American Energy Alliance posted a cartoon on its website that shows Uncle Sam being crushed by a thick tome titled 'EPA Torture Report Volume IV."


The Environmental Protection Agency Just Proposed Smog Rules That Could Save Thousands of Lives

Industry groups and Republicans say EPA efforts to cut down on smog will cost billions of dollars, with one organization calling the proposed rule the most expensive regulation in history.


Texas Chief Toxicologist Says Stay Indoors to Avoid Ozone Pollution

In a blog post on a government environmental agency website Dr. Michael Honeycutt blasted US Environmental Protection Agency push to limit ozone pollution.