Great White Shark Tagged for the First Time in Canadian Atlantic Waters

Heather Bowlby at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Halifax tagged the shark with a location tracker that will monitor its movements for nearly a year.


Preparing for Japan's Next Tsunami

The island nation’s new warning system will broadcast qualitative alerts like takai and kyodai ("high" and "huge") during future Pacific megathrust earthquakes, to better urge people to evacuate before the waves come.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump agrees to meet North Korea's Kim face to face, federal judge offers Trump Twitter advice, Pacific nations flout US with free trade deal, and more.


Amelia Earhart Likely Died on Nikumaroro, Study Finds

Bones recovered on the remote Pacific island are more similar to Earhart than "99 percent of individuals in a large reference sample."


Inside New Zealand's Radical Pacific Queer Community

We spoke to Tanu Gago of Auckland arts collective FAF SWAG about the power of bringing vogeuing out of the underground.


Vancouver Considers Abandoning Parts of the Coast Because of Climate Change

The city’s new report on sea level rise looks at many options to protect coastal areas from flooding. For the first time, moving people away from the coast altogether is one of them.


The tiny nation of Kiribati will soon be underwater — here's the plan to save its people

Planning for "migration with dignity," the former president purchased 6000 acres of land in Fiji for the I-Kiribati to move to and relocated 75 citizens a year to New Zealand.


Scientists Found Bizarre New Creatures in the Marianas Trench

A four month expedition to the Marianas Trench has flabbergasted experts gawking at its mysterious marine life.


Last Month Was the Hottest Month on Record and It's Only Getting Hotter

Is it hot in here or what? The answer is a resounding and scientifically backed-up "yes."


Bootymath's Guide to Better Living: How to Manage Stress

It's 2016, and life isn’t getting any easier. Let Bootymath help you survive the madness.


Fiji Just Got Hammered by One of the Most Powerful Tropical Storms Ever Recorded

A country that has been called "the canary in the coal mine for climate change" was hit with winds of up to 177 miles per hour, leaving thousands without power.