Pacific Ocean


Famously Huge Great White Shark, ‘Deep Blue,’ Feasts on Dead Sperm Whale in Hawaii

Shark experts were thrilled to see the iconic shark in Hawaii this week.
Sarah Emerson
Super Typhoon Yutu

Super Typhoon Yutu, the Strongest Storm of 2018, Is Making Landfall on Pacific Islands

With a Category 5 intensity, Super Typhoon Yutu has hit the Northern Mariana Islands. It's expected to devastate the remote region.
Sarah Emerson
The Ocean Is Cool

We Now Know Why Great White Sharks Gather In a Mysterious Ocean Void

One of the ocean’s most tantalizing questions has been answered by an expedition to the 'white shark cafe,' a remote zone in the middle of the Pacific.
Sarah Emerson
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These Women Spent Five Months Lost at Sea with Their Dogs and Tons of Pasta

Before the Navy came to rescue them, they had been floating aimlessly through a pack of sharks.
River Donaghey

Volcanoes are erupting across the Pacific Ring of Fire

Emma Fidel
Chill Waves

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Has the Chillest Livestream on the Internet

Sealions and gulls and waves, oh my!
Carl Franzen
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A 6.5-Magnitude Earthquake Hit Off the California Coast

The quake could be felt as far south as the Bay Area and up north into Oregon, but wasn't strong enough to cause any property damage or injuries.
VICE Staff

Vancouver Considers Abandoning Parts of the Coast Because of Climate Change

The city’s new report on sea level rise looks at many options to protect coastal areas from flooding. For the first time, moving people away from the coast altogether is one of them.
Stephen Buranyi

Watch This Soothing Deep Sea Jellyfish Swim

Hello small friend!
Louise Matsakis

This Free-Diving Wonder Woman Kills Octopi with Her Bare Teeth

Kimi Werner is a Hawaiian wonder woman/goddess living everybody’s dream life, eating fresh seafood every day that she catches herself and getting paid to surf. We spoke with her to find out how that feels like.
Javier Cabral

'Super' El Niño Looks Set to Ruin the Lives of Many of the World's Most Vulnerable People

The weather phenomenon could cause at least 10 million people to go hungry, while an additional four million people across the Pacific could find themselves without water.
Eva Hershaw

We Asked an Expert What the 2015 El Niño Will Mean for Australia

The largest El Niño in close to two decades is currently developing in the Pacific Ocean.
Ian Thomas Ackerman