Republican Attack Ad Burns AOC and Compares Her to the Khmer Rouge

The Democratic congresswoman called it a "love letter to the GOP's white supremacist cause."
Tim Marcin
3 days ago

Trans Candidates Think 2017 Could Be Their Year, Finally

A new PAC is working to get trans people to elected office, where they've rarely been before.
Katelyn Burns
Views My Own

Groups You Can Donate to Instead of Hillary’s Unnecessary PAC

Give to organizations that are backing candidates who aren't beholden to corporate money.
Eve Peyser

Minor League Baseball Sets Up PAC to Fund Opposition to Paying Players a Living Wage

Minor League Baseball is now asking people to chip in in the fight against paying players a decent wage.
Joseph Flynn

The Politics of Pot: The Marijuana Industry Is Now a Special Interest Group

After decades spent operating in the shadows, the ever-growing legal marijuana industry has begun supporting federal campaigns and lobbying efforts in Washington DC.
Max Cherney

Atheists and Religious Conservatives Battle Over the Right to Preach Politics in Church

An atheist group sued the IRS over its failure to police churches guilty of politicking. They settled, but the religious right is not happy.
Alice Speri

You Can Now Donate Bitcoins to Political Campaigns

No laws prohibit the use of bitcoin as political donations, but the FEC has authorized PACs to accept it as a campaign contribution.
Kayla Ruble

Why Does Sarah Palin Want Your Money?

Sarah Palin isn't running for office, she doesn't have a TV show anymore, and she's less and less politically relevant. But she really, really wants people to pay attention to her, so she made a video all about how great she is. What a likable woman!
Harry Cheadle