OxyContin makers kept pushing and profiting as addiction rates soared, new allegations say

A Massachusetts suit alleges shocking details of how Purdue Pharma amped up their marketing and looked at ways to make money from addiction


Painkiller Addictions are the Easiest to Hide​

“The people I hid it from were the ones that were going to help me the most."


The Fentanyl Death Toll Is Climbing in British Columbia

So far this year in BC, more than 50 people have died from fentanyl-related use. Drug overdoses linked to the powerful painkiller have gone up 25 percent over the last three years in the Canadian province.


Drug Overdose Deaths Are Increasing Pretty Much Everywhere

Thought to be driven by rural prescription drug abuse, a new CDC report suggests that the problem is nearly as bad in the cities.


Newsflash: Americans Love Pills

A "disturbing report out today from the AP": details the rise in prescription painkiller abuse in the US. The...