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To Understand Gaza, Start with What People Are Eating—and Why

Food here has become politicized—in ways, even weaponized—and a microcosm of the forces shaping Gaza’s humanitarian crises.
Miriam Berger

Hamas and Fatah reach "final" agreement over control of Gaza

David Gilbert

Palestine Leader Scraps Oslo Accords with Israel as Flag Goes Up at the UN

"We will not remain the only ones committed to the implementation of these agreements, while Israel continuously violates them," Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared.
Samuel Oakford
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Protests and Rage Spread to the West Bank After Tense Week in Jerusalem

With Muslims and Jews observing major religious holidays, violence in Jerusalem has spread to the occupied West Bank after a bloody week at a contested holy site.
Olivia Becker
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Israeli Security Forces Storm West Bank Buildings in Raid Targeting Hamas

Israeli authorities said they detained 29 people in raids early Wednesday morning, including suspects “involved in funding and direction of Hamas branches overseas.”
Harriet Salem
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Palestinian Authority Detains 100 Hamas Supporters in West Bank as Unity Pact Crumbles

Around 50 supporters of the Islamist group were arrested over the past two days alone. Hamas has also detained members of President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah in Gaza.
Harriet Salem
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Five Israelis Injured in Car-Ramming Attack as Jerusalem Celebrates Purim

The city has been relatively calm after a string of similar assaults last year, but there are fears the violence could flare again over a tax revenue freeze that has strangled Palestinian finances.
Harriet Salem
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Dancing in the Rubble: Breakdancers Offer Hope as Gaza Struggles to Rebuild

As Palestinians cope with the physical destruction of Gaza, a group of breakdancers provides a free and much-needed distraction to local kids.
Alice Speri
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Palestinian Leaders Are Taking Their Quest for Statehood Global — Consequences Be Damned

The Palestinian Authority has sought recognition on the international stage despite expected repercussions from both Israel and the United States.
Alice Speri
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International Criminal Court Opens Preliminary Probe Into War Crimes in Palestine

The move by the international body begins a lengthy process that could pave the way for charges against both Israelis and Palestinians.
Samuel Oakford

I Opened a Hostel In Palestine and Ended Up Getting Thrown in Jail

When I went from working with NGOs to the private sector, a crazy business partner and some shady cops nearly derailed my business.
Anonymous as told to Daniel Tepper
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Tears and Rage at Funeral for Palestinian Minister Who Died in Clash with Israeli Soldiers

Thousands of mourners attended the funeral of Ziad Abu Ein in Ramallah today, as three separate autopsies provided mixed results.
Dylan Collins