We Asked People to Sum Up Their Most Irrational Fear in Six Words

"Unknowingly being 'muffin top epidemic' b-roll."
Anna Goldfarb

How Colonialism Fueled Deadly Anti-Vampire Hysteria in Malawi

It's not the first time lingering skepticism of foreigners and local beliefs have produced panic over allegedly bloodsucking predators in the African country.
Mark Hay

Anxiety Is Slowly Killing Me

There is nothing more uncomfortable than feeling as though you are not in complete control of the systems that function within you. You know there is no logical reason for feeling this way. And yet, in spite of it all, you do.
Megan Koester
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

The 'Hidden' Illness of Post-Natal Depression

Over 250,000 new mothers experience perinatal mental illness each year in Britain. So why did I find it so hard to get help?
Jude Rogers
so sad today

This Week in Panic

They say a good way to get over panic attacks is to "welcome the panic," so I recorded every anxious sensation I had for a week.
So Sad Today

We Asked an Expert if the Ebola Virus Will Kill You

It's become a sort of annual ritual for Americans to go wild over the possibility that an exotic, lethal illness might spread from Africa or Southeast Asia to their own backyard.
Matt Taylor

The Panickers

You can always tell who can't hang from the way they react to someone offering them weed. They get that “I’m not falling for that again” look in their eyes and put their hand up. I always have to ask them why. These are the responses I usually get...
T. Kid

Should We Panic About the Strain of Deadly Meningitis Hitting the Gay Community?

This year, four men have come down with meningitis in New York City, bringing the number of infections to 22 and the death toll to seven since 2010, and similar cases have appeared in West Hollywood, California. How worried should we be?
Mitchell Sunderland

Twenty-Four Straight Hours of College Basketball Destroyed My Mind

An endless parade of crimson-lipped cheerleaders and reptilian coaches began to bleed together, and all the games merged into a single, massive, all-consuming monstrosity of competition whose sole purpose was to wear me down. Here, in the cruel light...
B. David Zarley