To Hell And Back

Riding the New Wave of Anti-Fascist Black Metal

Anti-fascist black metal is everywhere all of a sudden, so we put together a heap of recommendations for Nazi-smashing metalheads, including Redbait, Underdark, Yovel, and more.
Kim Kelly
To Hell And Back

No Boneheads, No Ass-Kissers, No Nazis: It's Time For Heavy Metal Summer Camp

Getting hella stoked about Pittsburgh's Migration Festival and new tunes from Backwoods Payback, Deadbird, Inexorum, Daeva, and more.
Kim Kelly

When Metal Festivals Get Political, It Feels Like Utopia

This year's edition of beloved Dutch metal fest Roadburn was about something bigger than music, which only added to its magic.
Kim Kelly

How the Destruction of Appalachia Inspired Its Black Metal Scene

Stream the new LP from Pittsburgh's Slaves BC, and explore how Appalachian black metal artists find inspiration from beauty and destruction.
Mason Adams

Twilight Fauna's New Album 'The Year the Stars Fell' Is a Study in Appalachian Darkness

Stream the Johnson City, TN black metal duo's melancholy seventh full-length in its entirety
Kim Kelly
festivals 2016

Scenes from Migration Fest 2016, the Nicest Extreme Metal Fest in America

Photographer David Burke captured incredible performances from Thou, Panopticon, Krallice, Mournful Congregation, and many more.
Kim Kelly
festivals 2016

Migration Fest 2016 Highlighted the Best of the Underground and the Ties That Bind Us Together

Migration Fest 2016 was a feast for the senses, a patch-vested Pacific Northwestern Roadburn cut down to scale and ignited by passion.
Kim Kelly
Holy Shit

Feel Nature Wither Around You with Panopticon's New Album "Autumn Eternal"

Tradition and heaviness in tandem.
John Hill

Which Side Are You On?: Revisiting Classic Anthems from the Labor Movement

It's International Workers Day! Here's the soundtrack to your solidarity march.
Kim Kelly

I Used Unsecured Webcams to Take Photos of the Insides of People's Homes and Offices

We like to look at candid pictures of celebrities or people doing weird stuff, but when it's a normal guy eating breakfast, or a woman walking her dogs, there's a nagging thought that says, Maybe I shouldn't be witnessing this.
Zachary Pointon

When You Wish Upon a WorldStar

We interviewed Q, the mind behind WorldStarHipHop, one of the most ludicrous—and ludicrously popular—sites on the net.
Drew Millard
Motherboard Blog

China's Largest City Will Double Its Surveillance Cameras to 510,000

If you're in the global surveillance camera business, China isn't just the best place to manufacture your products: it's also your target market. Officials in China’s largest city / megapolis Chongqing plan to spend $781.6 million by 2014 to...