You All Were So Horrified by Trump's Hair That You Never Noticed the Rest

Look at those pants. And his golf cleats!


We Regret to Inform You That JNCO Is Going Out of Business

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The Norwegian Curling Team Is Here to Steal Your Girl

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A Guy Got Caught in JFK with Ten Pounds of Cocaine in His Pants

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Leather Pants Are Bad, and The Stone Roses Do Not Like Them

Apparently Slash offered to join group after John Squire left in 1996, but Ian Brown and company decided "we’re not going to work with a guy with leather pants, are we?"


The Revolutionary History of the Pantsuit

A century after women could be arrested for wearing pants, the two-piece still reflects the aspirations of women seeking to defy gender norms and incites the ire of those intent on keeping us in our place.


Jidenna's "Knickers" Slaps, But It Ain't About Pants

It follows the lead of "Classic Man" in wrapping a pop nugget in subversive rebellion.


Worse Ideas Than Cropped, Flared Pants

Here is a compete list of worse ideas than cropped, flared pants. Anything not included on this list should be considered a better idea.


These 'Wallace and Gromit' Style Pants Will Prepare Humans for Mars

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John Daly Continues His Pants-Related Mastery At The British Open

John Daly owns a large number of unusual pants, and isn't afraid to wear them on a golf course. This is one of many great things about him, but wow these pants.


Authorities Busted Portland Food Carts For Using Meat from Thieves’ Pants

Two Portland food cart owners have been arrested after a months-long investigation revealed that they were buying meat from shoplifters who had smuggled it in their pants.