I'm a Paramedic, Please Stop Asking Me About the Worst Thing I've Ever Seen

As a first responder, I’ve been asked this question countless times. Trust me, you don’t want to know.


A Swarm of 80,000 ‘Killer’ Bees Stung a California Woman 200 Times

"She had them on her face, around her mouth, around her ears, her neck and her hair."


Toronto Electronic Music Events Could Be Subjected to Stricter Safety Measures

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Legal Highs, Pissed Pants, and Fist Fights: A Night with Britain's Clubland Paramedics

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A Guy in Detroit Says He Stole an Ambulance to Get to a Strip Club

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Riding Shotgun to Murder Scenes with Guatemala City’s Overworked Volunteer Paramedics

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In Canada, Paramedics Are the Most Likely to Develop PTSD

When a violent crime occurs, much is done to help the victim overcome their trauma. Sadly, this is not the case for the paramedics who are often the first people to arrive on the scene, and what they see can scar them for life.


Inside New York City's Kung Fu Underground

A kid named Rinson had the first knockout that Saturday. He sported a hexagonal tattoo on his chest and a looping right hand that floored his foe midway through the first round. It got bloodier from there. There was Ruben, who turned his opponent's eye...