Looks Like Canada Will Pardon Small Weed Convictions

Government sources told CBC they’ll announce pardon plans the morning of legalization.
Sarah Berman
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Kim Kardashian Convincing Trump to Pardon Someone Is Bad, Actually

It's insane how much celebrities are influencing Trump.
Matt Taylor

Lots of People Deserve Pardons and None of Them Are Named Joe Arpaio

An expert told us that however you feel about the former Arizona sheriff, pardoning him is a historically strange move, and not a healthy use of presidential power.
Mike Pearl

After 20 Years in Prison for Crack, Bobby Reed Caught a Break

A Drug War prisoner VICE met behind bars was one of the last people granted clemency by President Obama.
Allie Conti

Why I Rejected President Obama's Clemency Offer

Arnold Ray Jones is doing time for crack, but despite getting an offer of early release from the White House, he's high on Trump.
Casey Tolan

How Significant Are Obama's 1,385 Commutations?

President Obama has commuted more prison sentences during his presidency than the total number of commutations issued by the past 12 presidents combined. But when you compare the percentage of commutations to the overall prison population, his record...
Kimberly Lawson
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Obama Shortened the Sentences of 95 Prisoners Today

Most of them are serving time for nonviolent drug offenses.
VICE Staff

We Talked to One of the 46 Inmates Barack Obama Ordered Released from Prison

One of "Obama's Lucky 46" told VICE about how he heard he was getting out and what he plans to do now.
Seth Ferranti and Robert Rosso

What Federal Inmates Are Saying About ​President Obama's Plan to Visit a Prison Today

"Obama once said that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin... Well, there's a whole lotta peoples in here who look like Trayvon, his uncle, his daddy, and all his relatives."
Seth Ferranti and Robert Rosso

What Federal Prisoners Are Saying About President Obama Freeing Nonviolent Drug Offenders

On Monday, President Obama commuted the sentences of 46 people, bringing his total since taking office to 89. I reached out to some old friends from inside to see if they expect a mass exodus from the prison-industrial complex.
Seth Ferranti
Vice Blog

Why Won't Obama Let More Drug Offenders Out of Jail Early?

Since the Eisenhower years, presidents have tended to relegate granting clemency to the holiday season, treating pardons like gifts. Unless something changes soon, President Obama will go down as one of the shittiest Santas in history.
Allie Conti
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Is Obama Finally About to Use His Pardon Powers to Correct the War on Drug's Injustices?

It's about time.
Lucy Steigerwald