Paris climate accord


We’re 30 seconds closer to Doomsday, and it's mostly Trump's fault

The scientists moved the clock hands “because of the extraordinary danger of the current moment,” largely citing U.S. behavior.


Hawaii Wants to Eliminate Fossil Fuels from All Public and Private Ground Transportation by 2045

By setting a clear goal to eliminate fossil fuels and tackle climate change head-on, Honolulu mayor Kirk Caldwell says the island state is sending a signal to the market and to the world that Hawaii is open for business in the best kind of way.


Trump Defines First Year by Attacking Obama Policies

As Trump stalls in Congress attempting to roll back Obama's biggest wins, he's been busy wielding the special power of the executive branch.


The US Is the Last Country to Remain Outside the Paris Climate Agreement

Syria signed the agreement in Germany this week.


How Hawaii's Governor Wants Renewable Energy to Power the State

We chat with Hawaii Governor David Ige about how governments and businesses can collaborate to meet mutual environmental challenges.


Québec Bypassed Trump's Paris Agreement Decision to Fight Climate Change

We chat with the Canadian province's Climate Change Minister about the plan to help local governments inspire global leadership.


Scientists Urge ‘System Change’ to Avoid Catastrophic Climate Change​

In a recent report, experts outlined four steps that could help us get on track.


Businesses, Not the Government, Are Leading the Way to a Renewable Future

In the United States, Apple, Google, Ikea, and over 100 more leading companies made commitments to switch to 100 percent renewable energy sources.