Paris Climate Agreement

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These Ten Women Were Chosen to Be Our Next Climate Change Leaders

Women mayors and business leaders from some of the world’s biggest cities pledged to help them tackle climate change and deliver on the goals of the Paris climate agreement.
Meg Charlton

Trump Loves Coal, But a 19-Country Coalition is About to Phase It Out Completely

The Cop23 climate negotiations were basically everybody leaving the U.S. to do whatever it wants to do with fossil fuels all alone.
Andrew Steer
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Copenhagen and Wuhan are Among 90 Cities Linking Up to Lead the Fight Against Climate Change

They were honored at the C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards, which supports cities addressing climate change in concrete and creative ways
Meg Charlton

We're Not Letting Trump's Policies Stop Our Cities from Fighting Climate Change

Despite the Trump administration's delusions about climate and energy, city leaders are moving forward without them.
Edwin Lee
Anne Hidalgo
Rahm Emanuel

Trump Holds the US Back While Other Countries and American Cities Take Action Against Climate Change

President Trump’s denialism caused cities to push for more ambitious climate action, but at this rate the Paris pledges won't keep us below temperatures necessary for survival.
Johanna Partin

A 2020 Deadline for Climate Change Solutions Is Needed to Prevent Ecological Collapse

Surviving climate change is a race against time, and 2020 is our first test.
Christiana Figueres
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Sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere could save the planet

Sucking CO2 from the atmosphere could save the planet — but it isn't cheap
Arielle Duhaime-Ross
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These Are Some of the Most Sustainable College Campuses in America

Does your campus keep it green?
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

Gutting Health Care Also Hurts US Environmental Protections Too

The Senate GOP failed to repeal and replace Obamacare, which also fundamentally protects against threats to our clean air and clean water, as well as our health.
A. Tianna Scozzaro
Impact Equality

No One Can Agree on What to Call People Displaced by Climate Change

The legal definition of a certain set of asylum-seekers worldwide is blocking access to lifesaving aid.
Kastalia Medrano
Impact Climate

More Than 250 US Cities Pledged to Use 100 Percent Clean Energy by 2035

An official gathering of US mayors took a strong, almost combative stance on climate change in sharp opposition to the federal government​.
Meg Charlton
Impact Climate

Climate Change is a Main Cause of the World's Refugee Crisis

It’s not too late to mitigate what comes next for climate change, but it is almost too late.
Kastalia Medrano