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Paris Climate Pact

Trump Is Wrong: Most Americans Support the Paris Climate Agreement

The president said he is speaking on behalf the people, but the people don't agree.
Ankita Rao
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A Non-Supernerds' Guide to Radiohead's New Album, 'A Moon Shaped Pool'

You have questions. We have answers.
Alex Robert Ross
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Scientists Are Gearing Up for a Fight Over How Much to Limit Global Warming

“Exotic Dr Strangelove options” to slow climate change have become “Plan A,” one says.
Stephen Buranyi

Shia LaBeouf's Phone Number & The 'Independence Day' Sequel: Last Week in Art

Also, animals projected across the ancient walls of the Vatican, Banksy's 'The Drinker' is redubbed "The Stinker," and Marina Abramovic is at the Park Avenue Armory.
Sami Emory

Here's Why A Piece of Poop Was Put on Display at the Paris Climate Talks

Poop may be the fuel of the future, and it showed up to the climate negotiations in Paris to stake its claim.
Melissa Cronin
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"Why Is It Hard to Stand Up?": An Interview with ANOHNI

ANOHNI—formerly Antony Hegarty—discusses her new project, her name change, and the challenge of writing politically charged pop music.
Kim Taylor Bennett

How to Lead a Nation That Will Be Swallowed by the Sea

The president of low-lying Kiribati has spent nearly a decade trying to save his people from rising sea levels. There’s a good chance he will not succeed. This is how he leads a nation that will likely not exist in 100 years.
Brian Merchant

600 Fake Ads Flood Paris to Protest Climate Talks

We spoke to street art group Brandalism's chief organizer about why art is the best weapon against climate change.
Beckett Mufson