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Meeting the Fans Who Saw Eagles of Death Metal Return to Paris and Finish Their Show

The crowd who saw Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme play in Paris last night describe an emotional night of music, defiance, and love.
Romain Gonzalez

We Follow the Syrian Refugee Trail on This Friday's Episode of Our HBO Show

Watch the trailer for this Friday's episode from season four of our HBO show, airing February 12 at 11 PM.
VICE Staff
Super Bowl 50

It Could Happen Here: Super Bowl 50 As Terror Target

In the wake of last year's ISIS suicide bombing outside the Stade de France in Paris, a Super Bowl terror attack is no longer unthinkable. How will officials secure the game?
Ty Schalter

How One Survivor's Life Has Changed Since the Paris Terrorist Attacks

"After enduring that, I can get through anything. For about half an hour, I was convinced that I was going to die."
Julia Andreo

Lola Has a Bad Weekend in Today's Comic from Nina Van Denbempt

Belgian artist Nina Van Denbempt illustrates what it's like to as a young woman to feel invincible, afraid, and alone.
Nina Van Denbempt

Will Islamophobia Grow in the UK Following the Paris Attacks?

The refugees who've risked their lives to flee terrorism could find themselves becoming scape goats.
Michael Segalov

Shitty Remarks, a Torched Mosque, and Other Ways Canadians Responded to the Paris Attacks

While many Canadians showed their support for the world's terror victims, some showed a more hateful side to the country's Muslims.
Jake Kivanc

How Europe Expressed Solidarity in the Wake of the Paris Terror Attacks

France, as well as the rest of the world, is shocked and grieving. But citizens in various cities throughout Europe gathered yesterday to express support and organize solidarity protests.
VICE Staff