Officers Fired for Accepting Pizza in Place of $19K in Parking Tickets

“[It] got to the point that we just go in the back (of the restaurant) and get what you want,” a former Salt Lake City parking enforcement said.


Deep Learning Is Here to Automate Parking Enforcement

A new system achieves 99 percent accuracy in identifying illegally parked vehicles.


Awkward Stories of People Failing to Live Out Their Sexual Fantasies IRL

"I quickly realized my aim was off when he yelped, jumped up, and ran under the shower. I had peed in his eyes."


Parking Lots Are an Incredible Waste of Space. Here's How to End Them.

The main problem with cars in the city is that they spend 95 percent of their time parked on a valuable piece of land. Carsharing changes that ratio, which gives cities the opportunity to reclaim the parking lot.


You Could Soon Pay Your Parking Ticket with Canned Food in Tampa

Under the program called “Food for Fines,” a 14- to 15-ounce can of non perishable fruits, vegetables, proteins, or peanut butter would be good for one dollar off your ticket.


The Sad Fate of the Vigilantes Protecting the Cars of Brazil

Brazil's rogue parking attendants, known as flanelinhas, have been making money under the table for years. But now, a new law could threaten their livelihood.


You Can Now 'Summon' The Tesla Model S Like An Obedient Pet

With a new software update by Tesla Motors, the Model S will now come calling when you “summon” it with the vehicle’s fob.


Parking at the Astros Game Is $80, or $5 Less Than Field Level Seats

It's gonna cost you $80 to park at Minute Maid Field today. You could get field level seats for $85.


Why Residents of Mexico City Are Organizing Themselves Against Parking Meters

Drivers flying into a rage upon being ticketed are scenes of daily life in Mexico City, but some residents are banding together to fight what they call a corrupt and opaque program that is only whitewashing certain neighborhoods.


Private Parking Companies Are Issuing Illegal Parking Tickets

Unless your parking ticket comes from the city government, you don't really have to pay it.


A Car (and Its Parking Space) Are Hanging Upside Down in London

Alex Chinneck's latest real life illusion places a car in what looks like a gravity-defying parking lot.


Cry-Baby of the Week: Someone Cut a Woman's Brake Line Because She Took Their Parking Space

Also this week: A woman allegedly threatened to blow up her daughter's school because she failed an exam.