The Parkland Survivors Have a Plan to Stop Gun Violence. Here’s What’s in It.

The “Peace Plan for a Safer America” calls for an assault weapons ban and a national firearms registry.


The Fallout from Parkland Isn't Over Yet for Florida Law Enforcement

Florida’s state panel chose not to renew accreditation for Broward, one of the largest law enforcement groups in the state.


The Florida Senate just voted to let teachers bring guns into the classroom

The bill is now expected to sail through the Republican-controlled House.


Father of 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim dies by apparent suicide

Jeremy Richman, father of the late Avielle Richman, was a staunch mental health advocate.


Parkland parents are in emergency mode after second shooting survivor takes own life

The student, a 16-year-old boy whose name has not been made public, was the second Parkland survivor to take his own life in the space of a week.


Parkland survivor Sydney Aiello has taken her own life

Her close friend, Meadow Pollack, died in the Feb. 14 shooting that killed 14 students and three staffers at the school.


A Parkland Survivor on Why Louis C.K. Is Wrong and the Movement Is Winning

People talk shit: "They're just kids, we shouldn't listen to them."


A Florida Republican is trying to gut the state’s post-Parkland gun control laws

“What was passed last year did absolutely nothing to stop what it intended to, and that was mass shootings at our schools,” the lawmaker said.


Exclusive: How Parkland created a rush to arm teachers and school staff across the country

Hundreds of school districts have moved to arm school staff, some in secret, a VICE News investigation has found.


Parkland safety commission's solution to prevent school shootings? More guns in schools.

"We don’t want it, but it’s necessary. This is a new day. It’s a new world.”


5 takeaways from Betsy Devos’ 9-month investigation into school safety

Recommendations on gun control are largely absent from the 177-page report.