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One of the 'Manson Girls' Just Got Approved for Parole

Leslie Van Houten, 68, has been OK'd for parole, but the final decision on her release comes down to California governor Jerry Brown.
River Donaghey
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OJ Simpson Is Getting Out of Prison Early

After winning parole, the disgraced football star could be released from prison as early as October 1.
Drew Schwartz
Life Inside

The Day I Learned if My Dad Would Get Parole

I knew my world could soon be filled with love and possibility instead of heartache and loneliness.
Tristan Darshan
Life Inside

They Told Me I Was Going to Die in Prison

I have cancer and wonder if I'll get parole before it's too late.
Shavonne Robbins, as told to Lisa Riordan Seville

Why the Friendships You Make in Prison Should Stay Behind Bars

In federal prison, you form friendships with gang members, violent men, and a whole slew of drug dealers and users of every variety. What happens after that is sensitive.
Seth Ferranti
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California Is Passing a Law to Prevent Another Brock Turner Sentencing Controversy

The new law, which unanimously passed the California State Assembly Monday, would require prison time without parole for anyone convicted of raping an unconscious person.
VICE Staff
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The Youngest Manson Murderer Might Get Out of Prison Soon

Leslie Van Houten has been in prison for 46 years now.
Helen Donahue
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The 'Affluenza Teen' Was Arrested in Mexico

Texas teenager Ethan Couch, famous for evading jail time after killing four people while driving drunk in 2013, was arrested with his mother on Monday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
VICE Staff

We Asked Former Inmates What It's Like to Deal with a Parole Officer

"They will tell you what you want to hear so you begin to trust them or think of them as a friend. Then they use what you share with them against you. They work for the government. They're goddamn cops. I have to remember that. I can't be their friend."
Seth Ferranti
America Incarcerated

Even White-Collar Criminals Can Get Screwed Over by the Prison System

A man I once knew in prison got out but was unable to return to anything resembling a normal life thanks to aggressive parole restrictions.
Michael Santos
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A Man with a Life Sentence for Marijuana Was Just Released From Prison

He spent two decades behind bars for conspiring to sell six pounds of marijuana.
River Donaghey

Are Sex Offenders Unfairly Persecuted on Halloween?

In many states, registered sex offenders are forced to stay indoors from sundown on and can't answer the door, measures that activists say are over-the-top and don't make kids safer.
Arielle Pardes