Naked Man Causes $10,000 in Damages to Chicken Wing Restaurant

"This...guy just went crazy. Started taking off his clothes and got all naked."


This Burger Chain Might Look Like In-N-Out, But It's Not

Caliburger, a fast-casual chain that’s been franchised across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, has finally arrived in California—the birthplace of its inspiration, In-N-Out.


Paradise, Found in a California Coast Culture Exhibition

'In the Land of Sunshine' traces a history of artistic influence along 840 miles of California coast.


Sink Your Teeth into These Squid Ink Garlic Buns

On any given day, this outpost of a popular Taiwanese bakery franchise in Pasadena, California churns out anywhere from 2,000 to 3,500 pieces of bread, including these pitch black "Japanese Calamari Sticks."


This Chili-Cheese Dog Takes 31 Hours to Make

The "Little Leaguer Haus Dog” at DogHaus is a beast of a hot dog that takes approximately 31 hours, 4 minutes, and 37 seconds to make. It involves plenty of middle school-level dick jokes, too.


DāM-FunK: Inviting the Light

The master of modern funk opens up about prog rock, supersized burgers, and why dance music journalism is just the revenge of the nerds.


This Ex-Marine Now Makes Some of LA's Juiciest Fried Chicken

"I approached this thing the way I would approach anything else as a Marine: I made a plan, I came up with some possible procedures, which in this place meant recipes—and I executed. This is the Marine perspective."


Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream Has Arrived in LA

Pizza has reached peak cultural saturation. So in 2015, are we ready for pizza-flavored ice cream? If you ask gonzo-delicious ice-cream empire Coolhaus, the answer is yes.


PETA Says SeaWorld Infiltrated Its Ranks and the Police Covered It Up

The animal rights group alleges that an agent provocateur tried to provoke the group into carrying out illegal acts in an effort to discredit its activism.


Oil-Refinery Workers in Texas Picketed for Their Lives

On February 1, 2015, one minute after midnight, 3,800 workers walked off the job at nine oil refineries around the country, claiming that they were working under unsafe conditions.


An Afternoon Inside the World’s Only Bunny Museum

A guide tour through the largest, strangest, and most cluttered collection of bunny paraphernalia ever assembled.