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September's Best Books, Comics, Movies, Video Games, and Music

From Alice Waters new memoir 'Coming to My Senses' to Dizzee Rascal's latest album, and more.


Comic Arts Brooklyn Is the Only Comic Fest That Matters

VICE art editor Nick Gazin reports on all the highly excellent comic book offerings at Comic Arts Brooklyn this past weekend.


Dingball - 'Boogerbeard'

Dingball has a very sexy new dog friend. TB has a very luxurious beard made of mucus.


Comics Are Still Not Just for Kids and MoCCA Still Exists

We saw a bunch of comic book artists and their wares at the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art Festival's fancy new digs in Chelsea.



Blobby Boys cartoonist Alex Schubert is missing. Until we can confirm his death, well-wishing comic pals are filling in. This week's comic is by proud Canuck doodler, Patrick Kyle.


Dingball - 'Everybody Grows Up and Lives Happily Ever After'

It's the final comic of Patrick Kyle's run of comics on VICE. TB is finally an adult, and he looks like one. Resolution!


Dingball - 'Turdswallo Blackteef Becomes a Worm'

In the new episode of Patrick Kyle's weekly run of comics on VICE, we see his characters transform and then transform again for one final time.


Dingball - 'How About a Hair Trim'

TB is a mess so Dingball cuts off parts of his head until he is employable.


Dingball - 'TB and Dingball Wish They Were Better People'

TB is down in the dumps so Dingball teaches him how to be happy.


Dingball - 'T.B. Falls Down'

T.B. falls down forever. It's some real psychedelic stuff.


Dingball - 'Dingball and TB Draw Their Feelings'

T.B. and his weird duck friend decide to draw their inner worlds. What they express is, unsurprisingly, stupid.


Dingball - 'Farting the Babysitter's Moustache Off'

TB and Dinball have decided to play a trick on their sleeping babysitter. What a kooky comic.