Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s First Test of Journalistic Freedoms: The RCMP vs. VICE

The politician has been unabashedly pro-journalist in his statements, but will he make legal protections for reporters a priority?


We Spoke to the Hackers Who Defaced Donald Trump’s Website

"I don't think everybody should have a big fit about it," said the anonymous Canadian hacktivist of the stunt.


Did a New York E-Cigarette Vendor Try to Monetize the Charleston Massacre?

Shortly after what looked like the manifesto of alleged shooter Dylann Roof showed up on a website, a misspelled version of that site's URL directed traffic to a company called Fluid Vapor.


Behind Anonymous’s Operation to Reveal Britain’s Elite Child-Rape Syndicate

Online activists are working hard to stop the media from ignoring a possible child-molestation scandal that could involve high-ranking political figures.


Experience the Ennui of Canadian Truck Drivers with This Computer Game from 1991

"CrossCountry Canada" will make you feel like you're actually deliver potash from Saskatoon to Winnipeg.


Prohibition in Northern Canada

Alcohol is strictly regulated and widely prohibited in Canada's youngest territory. We went there to explore the issue of prohibition and whether it's healing or adding to the territory's social crises.


Canada Just Bought Some Body Cams for Its Federal Police Force

The RCMP is apparently following international policing trends and launching a pilot project that will have some officers recording their every interaction.


Yesterday Was Rob Ford’s Last Day as Mayor, but His Story Isn’t Over

The multi-tentacled crime drama that surrounded Rob Ford's mayoral tenure is kind of like the Serial podcast for Toronto politics nerds, and the mess continues to be heavily investigated online by armchair sleuths.


The Canadian Government’s New Anti-Weed Ad Is Tone-Deaf and Dumb

The Canadian government has a new ad campaign targeted at boomers with the stern message: if your teenager smokes weed, their brain will melt.


Bill Nye Talks About Canadian Oil and the Certainty of Climate Change

"The science of climate change is, by many reasonable estimates, more strongly proven than the connection between cigarettes and cancer."


Fucked Up's Damian Abraham Moderated a Remarkably Civil Toronto Mayoral Debate

Compared to last week’s debate, during which candidate Olivia Chow was told to “go back to China” by a heckler and a Ford supporter shouted homophobic things, the ArtsVote debate was remarkably civil.


Canadian Government Workers Are Causing PR Problems by Editing Wikipedia

Taking a look at a recent Wikipedia edit made by an employee of the Canadian Department of National Defense to an article about mass surveillance in the US.