Patton Oswalt

2020 election

John Cornyn thinks "penis," "vagina," and "scrotum" are swear words

Cornyn’s campaign team triggered a feud with Patton Oswalt after the comedian and actor made a cameo in a campaign video for MJ Hegar.
Rex Santus

Patton Oswalt Wants You to Laugh While He Grieves

We talk with the comedian about moving on, political humor, and his painfully funny new Netflix special.
Nadja Sayej
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Mystery Science Theater 3000’s New Season Is Coming to Netflix

The bad-movie-bashing comedy is returning with some fresh blood—but will it still be relevant?
Larry Fitzmaurice

My Dad, Gene Simmons, Is Full of Shit and So Are You

It's important to kill your heroes. And, sometimes, you have to kill your father. Kill him so you can love him, and his flaws, better than one can love a hollow archetype.
Nick SImmons

The Internet Means Always Having to Say You're Sorry

A look into how we say sorry on the internet today.
Oliver Lee Bateman

This Jen Kirkman Interview Is Not About Rape Jokes, Being Dirty, or Asking Whether Women Are Funny

"Raunchy? I don't think I'm raunchy. All my male peers get to talk about their dicks without being labeled dirty."
Courtney DeWitt

Boots Riley on the State of Oakland, the Power of the Working Class, and His New Screenplay

McSweeney's recently released the Coup frontman's screenplay, 'Sorry to Bother You'—a dark comedy that Riley will apparently be shooting with Patton Oswalt and David Cross soon.
Joseph Bien-Kahn

Government Employees Are Evil Trolls Who Live Above Bridges, Under The Sun

They’re out there, but not in the darkness. Their lairs are well lit, under the rude, barging glare of fluorescent tube lights. Their skin is pasty gray, almost the same color as their cubicle walls.
Patton Oswalt