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How Paul Allen Saved the American Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The Microsoft co-founder single-handedly revolutionized the American search for extraterrestrial intelligence at a time when no public institutions wanted to touch it.


Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen just found a WWII aircraft carrier

The vessel took part in the first ever carrier-on-carrier battle.


How The 1980 FA Cup Final Between West Ham and Arsenal Changed Football

After the 1980 FA Cup final, the professional foul was defined in the Laws of the Game. That was down to a grizzled Arsenal centre-back, and perhaps the most cynical tackle of all time.


Billionaire Paul Allen's Luxury Yacht Destroyed a Coral Reef in the Caribbean

Allen, who co-founded Microsoft and owns the NFL Seattle Seahawks and NBA Portland Trail Blazers, donated five months ago to research into coral reef conservation.