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Leftist Woodchucks #Resist Paul Ryan by Eating His Car

They moved into the underbelly of the Speaker's Suburban and chewed up the wiring, leaving the SUV "just dead."
Drew Schwartz
House Party

With Paul Ryan Gone, the Midterms Are Going to Get Weird

The latest high-profile Republican retirement is set to make House races even more chaotic.
Robert Wheel

Good Fucking Riddance, Paul Ryan

The speaker of the House leaves behind a legacy of exploding debt, failure, and Donald Trump.
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Sam Nunberg now open to playing ball with Mueller, North Korea apparently willing to consider "denuclearization," Paul Ryan denounces Trump's tariff plan, and more.
VICE Staff
Trump's First Year

Trump Turned Millions of Us Into Obamacare Advocates

It's the most important thing Trump did in 2017.
Jason Silverstein

Inside the Desperate, Long-Shot Attempt to Bring Down Paul Ryan

Fueled by liberal hopes and a huge pile of campaign donations, Randy Bryce is trying to do the impossible in Wisconsin.
David J. Dent

The Big Republican Lie About Their 'Middle-Class' Tax Cut

The GOP has wanted to cut taxes on the rich for years. Now they're finally doing it—and telling everyone they actually aren't.
Harry Cheadle

The Craziest Part of the Tax Plan Is How We Got Here

It's even worse than you think, according to a preeminent expert on how Congress works—and how it doesn't.
Matt Taylor

How to Keep Your Sanity in an Era of Divisive Politics, a 24/7 News Cycle and a Devastating New Tax Bill

Political anxiety is taking a toll on people’s mental health more than it normally does, ironically sending people to pricey-ish professionals and filling prescriptions that, ironically, their insurance may no longer cover.
Helaina Hovitz
Rise Up

The GOP Tax Bill Is a Disaster for College Students

Grad students could face a tax burden increase by at least $10,000 annually, while parents with tax dependent college kids could lose out on up to $2,500.
Katelyn Harrop
Rise Up

Here's How the GOP's New Tax Plan Will Cost You

We break down the dollars and cents of what Donald Trump hopes to be his first major legislative victory.
Katelyn Harrop
Tracking Trump's Congress

What You Need to Know About the Deal Trump Made with Democrats

Trump's surprising move on the debt ceiling has reshuffled the political landscape in DC, and set the stage for a new fight.
Mark Hay