paul the octopus

    • 6.13.18

      This AI Simulated the 2018 World Cup 100,000 Times to Predict a Winner

      A group of researchers used AI and machine learning to predict that Spain and Germany are the most likely winners of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

    • 6.27.12

      Let's Stop Freaking Out About Animal Oracles

      I’m a big fan of sports and weird bets; I also happen to be a big fan of animals, in case you hadn’t guessed. So a few years ago when all these so-called animal oracles started popping up — started by Paul the Octopus who predicted that Germany would...

    • 2.9.12

      We Can't Stop Listening to the Advice of Psychic Animals

      Everyone always talks about animals predicting earthquakes and natural disasters, but I’m not too impressed by that. They typically only sense the impending doom just slightly before humans, so who really cares? I mean, it’s cool that cows lay down...