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What Celebrities Taught Us About Food This Year

2015 was an absurd year for celebrities and food—even by our standards.
Nick Rose
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Paula Deen Whips on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Wait, what?
Caroline Goldfarb

We Spoke to the Rapper Who Made a Song About Paula Deen's Racism

Millions of people were outraged by Paula Deen's racism controversy, but rapper Marv Mack may be the first musician to speak his mind about her downfall and what it means for America's social issues.
Hilary Pollack

The Art for Paula Deen's Mobile Game Looks a Lot Like Someone Else's Work

Did the Food Network star's app rip off a freelance artist?
Emanuel Maiberg

Your Love of Cooking Shows Could Be Making You Fat

A new study shows that if you're the go-getter type that actually makes those mac 'n' cheese cupcakes on your tv, your body might be paying the price.
Munchies Staff

I Played Paula Deen's Mobile Game and All I Got Was This Zesty Salad

At least I got a decent lunch out of this free-to-play celebrity game.
Emanuel Maiberg

Talking 'Southern Discomfort': Foodcast with Michael Twitty

MUNCHIES editor-in-chief Helen Hollyman sits down with Michael Twitty to discuss his Southern Discomfort Tour and how race and identity meet through the food of contemporary America.
Helen Hollyman

Mouth Full of South

I first heard about culinary historian Michael Twitty in the wake of Paula Deen's dismissal from the Food Network. Last May, I attended one of his dinners, in which he typically dresses in period attire.
Helen Hollyman

Predicting the Fate of Paula Deen's Upcoming Network

This September, Paula Deen, America's favorite racist cooking show host, is launching her own web show. That's right, Paula's goin' digital y'all! But will the network actually be successful?
Alison Stevenson
This Week in Racism

This Week in Racism - The #CancelColbert Debate Is the Funniest Thing to Ever Happen

The controversy around Stephen Colbert's use of Asian stereotypes to make a satirical point about racism is finally starting to die down, so now's the perfect moment to admit it was the most hilarious controversy of all time.
Dave Schilling
This Week in Racism

"Paula Deen" Is Going to Kill "Trayvon Martin" on TV

Worlds collide when <i>Law & Order: SVU</i> brings the world's most famous racist chef and the world's most famous dead black kid together for what is guaranteed to be the least tasteful episode of television since the last episode of <i>Extreme Cougar...
Dave Schilling
This Week in Racism

A Pork-Laced Bullet Designed to Kill Muslims

Idaho-based company/racist joke Jihawg Ammo sells bullets coated with pork to protect God-fearing 'Mericans from the Islamist suicide bombers—the idea is that the pork will prevent the evil Muslims from going to Muslim heaven. I'm not sure it'll work.
Dave Schilling