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Festivals 2015

At Beach Goth 4, It's Halloween Every Day

Stroll through the bizarre world of costumes, circle pits, and Pauly Shore. Plus, a surprise set from Warren G!
Peter Holslin
Frank Mojica

The Oscars 2015: Live Blog

Guest blogger Pauly Shore, along with VICE contributors Megan Koester and Alex J. Mann, will get you through this with your sanity intact.
VICE Staff

Pauly Shore Misses Acting and Knows He's Going to Die Alone Someday

In light of his new documentary on Showtime, I met the star of Encino Man to chat about his life, his career, and his plans to open something called Weasel's Bar and Grill.
Zach Sokol
This Week in Racism

'Serial' and the White Liberal Media's Race Problem

Hit podcast Serial has come under fire for a perceived racial blindspot: It's yet another pop culture phenomenon about minorities brought to you by white people.
Dave Schilling

Commemorate the 20th Anniversary of ‘Smash’ by Watching The Offspring’s Incredibly Awkward TRL Appearance

The band held a contest on the show back in 2000. It did not go well.
Dan Ozzi

Is Pauly Shore Trying to Troll VICE?

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a piece about interning for Pauly Shore. As you would expect, the article was about how Pauly is a douche and interning for him was...
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

I Interned for Pauly Shore (and It Really Sucked)

"Grab me a beer from the bar, buuudddy?" Pauly Shore said to me.
Jonathan Daniel Brown

The Day I Learned All of Hollywood's Biggest Secrets

With a bunch of other confused people taking the TMZ bus tour.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete