• 7.6.17

      What Age Should You Get Your Financial Shit Together?

      We asked the only people we know who've successfully done it—our parents.

    • 12.30.16

      How to Make Money in Toronto

      Learn how an ex-drug dealing window washer and a paid-to-party girl hustle in the competitive city of Toronto in the season finale of 'PAYDAY.'

    • 12.16.16

      Getting Paid in Fort McMurray

      On an all new episode of 'PAYDAY,' we meet an oil worker, a dog sledder, an exotic dancer, and a boxer as they face the repercussions a massive wild fire has had on their lives and their jobs.

    • 12.2.16

      How Baltimore's Dirt Bike Riders Make a Living

      On tonight's episode of 'PAYDAY,' VICE heads to Baltimore to see how a stunt bike rider, an illegal tattoo artist, a hookah business owner, and a photographer spend and save their money.

    • 11.25.16

      What to Expect from VICELAND's New Show 'Payday'

      'Payday' host Rollie Pemberton breaks down the social and financial issues that VICELAND's latest show addresses.

    • 11.18.16

      How to Make Money in Memphis

      On an all new episode of our VICELAND series 'PAYDAY,' we head to Tennessee to meet four 20-somethings as they navigate living and working in the city.

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