PayPal Processes Payments for ‘Stalkerware’ Software Sold to Abusive Partners

The booming industry of spyware to spy on romantic partners doesn’t exist in a vacuum: Companies need financial and tech giants to process their payments and advertise their wares.


KFC Accepts Bitcoin In Canada Now

The “Bitcoin Bucket” costs .0011204 BTC and comes with two dips.


The Pentagon Is the Latest Agency to Investigate Michael Flynn

The Department of Defense is looking into the payments Flynn received from Russia prior to becoming Trump's national security adviser.


Your Doctor is Probably Being Paid Off

A full 2/3 of people have a doctor who has accepted payments or gifts from pharmaceutical and medical device companies.


Chip Credit Card Adoption Reaches 88% for MasterCard in US

It's been almost a year since chip credit cards started to become commonplace in the US.


A Startup Can Now Fill Out Your Paperwork to Become a Startup

Because you have better things to do than fill out mounds of paperwork.


Square Says Jack Dorsey Running Twitter Is a 'Risk Factor'

The mobile payments company will soon go public.


Buying Stuff on Your Smartphone May Not Suck for Much Longer

The race to turn your phone into a portable cash machine is well underway.


Google Tries Again to Get You to Pay for Stuff With Your Phone

Android Pay looks to avoid Google Wallet’s earlier fatal flaws.


Puerto Rico Just Defaulted on Its Debt

The island has declared that the roughly $72 billion in public debt that it owes is not payable, and Monday's default on bond payments adds urgency to its stated intention to restructure the debt.