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The U.S. just cut $65 million in aid to Palestinians

The cuts come at a time of deteriorating diplomatic relations between Washington and Palestinian leadership.
Alexa Liautaud
Northern Ireland

Former IRA leader turned Northern Irish statesman Martin McGuinness dies

David Gilbert

The cocaine industry has a lot riding on Colombia's peace deal

The country's FARC rebels have promised to quit the drug trade, but other groups are ready and waiting to take control.
Joe Parkin Daniels

Some Colombian rebels won't give up the fight despite a peace deal

The announcement by a unit of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia that it will not disarm comes with a final peace deal expected within weeks. President Juan Manuel Santos called on the dissidents to think again — or face death or jail.
Reuters and VICE News

Colombian president promises peace with the country’s largest rebel group within a month

President Juan Manuel Santos said he expects to wrap up talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, by July 20, though he appears less confident of the peace deal's ratification in a subsequent re

This Former Colombian Child Soldier Was Forced to Kill Eight of His Friends

Nicolás spent his adolescence as a soldier in Colombia's FARC rebel forces. As a peace accord nears, his story provides a glimpse of the deep scars left by the country's half-century-long conflict.
Joe Parkin Daniels

Digging up Bodies: Colombia Is Searching for Thousands of Unnamed Dead

Colombia peace process has accelerated the hunt for the remains of the estimated 45,000 who disappeared in its half-century-long conflict.
Joe Parkin Daniels

South Sudan Rebel Leader Riek Machar Sworn in as Vice President After Two Years of War

The development is a necessary step in the reconciliation that may end two and a half years of war, but it comes amid a precarious, oft-broken ceasefire and a humanitarian disaster.
Kayla Ruble
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A New Kind of Coca Leaf Is Thriving in Southern Colombia

Farmers are growing a super resistant coca leaf that can withstand glyphosate fumigation they say has continued despite the government's promises to stop using the chemical that has been linked to cancer.
Mario Zamudio

Colombia’s Government and FARC Rebels Want the UN to Monitor a Future Ceasefire

The announcement represents another major step towards ending the hemisphere's longest conflict, with a final peace accord expected to be signed at some point this year.
Joe Parkin Daniels

Colombia’s Peace Process Just Took a New Big Step Forward

The Government and the FARC have signed an agreement on how to recognize and compensate the victims of the country's long armed conflict, and with it moved their three-year peace negotiations into what looks like its final stages.
Joe Parkin Daniels

Colombia Wants to Charge a Guerrilla Medic With Up to 500 Forced Abortions

The Colombian government has asked for the extradition of Héctor Arboleda, who was arrested in Madrid on Saturday, to face charges associated with long-standing allegations that the FARC rebel group requires pregnant female guerrillas to have abortions.
Joe Parkin Daniels