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Pedro Martinez Remembers the Night He Almost Threw An Extra Innings Perfect Game

Pedro Martinez threw 9 perfect innings against the San Diego Padres on June 3, 1995. But he didn't end up with a perfect game, no hitter, or even a shutout.
Patrick Sauer

The Dodgers Will Not Waste Clayton Kershaw's Genius

You don't have to be a Dodgers fan to want to see baseball's best pitcher on baseball's biggest stage. The good news is that the Dodgers are working on it.
Matthew Kory
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Colin Cowherd Apologizes to Pedro Martinez by Comparing him to 'Rain Man'

Colin Cowherd is basically incapable of not sounding like a jackass. Witness: his "apology" to Pedro Martinez.
Sean Newell
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Riding on a Bus From Montreal to Cooperstown to See Pedro

A group of almost 100 Expos fans went to Cooperstown to cheer Pedro and to make an appeal to have an MLB team in Montreal again.
Ryan Bort
pedro martinez

Pedro Martinez Had a Blast During his Hall of Fame Induction

Pedro Martinez was last to speak, and he was the best. Funny, proud, inspiring, he touched all the bases.
Sean Newell
pedro martinez

Get on My Level: Pedro Martinez Responds to Colin Cowherd

Pedro Martinez had the perfect response to Colin Cowherd's dumb and racist opinion about Dominicans.
Sean Newell
pedro martinez

Pedro Martinez Has Been Playing Dress Up In His Old Uniforms

Pedro Martinez is doing a farewell tour on Twitter and dressing up in all the old uniforms from the teams he played on over the years.
Sean Newell
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Your 2015 Hall of Fame Class

The 2015 Hall of Fame class is predictable in who it let in, and who it left out, because the Hall of Fame is terrible.
Sean Newell

I Talked to Two Red Sox Fans at Fenway Park

Bostonians care more about their enemies losing than actually accomplishing anything themselves. No one sums up this better than the Fenway Faithful. The only constant remaining is the negativity on Yawkey Way flowing like the spoiled Schilling...
John Liam Policastro