Pedro The Lion


Robert Christgau on Pedro The Lion's Return

"But on his first Pedro the Lion record since 2004, recollections of his Arizona boyhood are marked by a forgiveness that testifies to his spiritual development."


David Bazan Remembers Everything

On 'Phoenix,' Pedro the Lion's first album in 15 years, the songwriter looks back on his Pentecostal childhood, reflecting on freedom, escape, and connection.


Marvel at Pedro The Lion's Quietly Crushing Tiny Desk Concert

David Bazan brought Erik Walters and Sean Lane to NPR to perform "When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run," "Yellow Bike," and "Kept Secrets."


After 15 Years Away, Pedro The Lion Is Back with "Yellow Bike"

David Bazan will return on January 18 with 'Phoenix,' his first new album as Pedro The Lion since 2004's 'Achilles Heel.'


Rank Your Records: David Bazan Orders Pedro the Lion's Four Records

The frontman reflects on doubt, riffs, and returning to the moniker after 11 years off.


Watch a New Clip from the Forthcoming David Bazan Documentary ‘Strange Negotiations’

And donate to the film's Kickstarter page to push it over the $75,000 mark.


David Bazan Tells a Perfect Story in 174 Words on New Single "The Ballad of Pedro y Blanco"

From the forthcoming synth-driven album 'Care,' out March 7 on Undertow.


David Bazan Spreads the Word

The Seattle-based songwriter wanted to be a pastor, but he now bears witness from the outside.


Jade Tree: The Essentials, the Overlooked, and the Rightfully Forgotten

The prolific label has released their entire catalog on Bandcamp. Where should you dig in? We break it down.