Chill Out About the Goddamn Hall of Fame and Robinson Canó

Baseball has always mythologized itself as something sacred, but it doesn’t need to be anything more than a sport to be as wonderful as it already is.


Four PR Nightmares Waiting to Happen in UFC

Whether it's the safety of fighters, or the biggest stars routinely getting popped for PEDs, the UFC has a few problems waiting in the wings.


Jets WR Blames Ghosts for PED Suspension

The NFL suspended Jeremy Kerley four games for a PED violation. He denies knowingly using a banned substance and thinks maybe ghosts did it.


Ben Johnson Endorses Betting App That Puts "the Roid into Android"

Australian anti-doping officials don't see the humor in a former Olympic gold medalist making light of his steroid bust.


Mark Hunt Now Says He'll Sue Any Fighter Who Fights Him Under the Influence of PEDs

The Samoan heavyweight legend kicks his war against steroids up yet another notch.


Horse Named "Party Till Dawn" Busted for Meth

Sounds about right.


Mark Hunt Retains Attorney to Make Changes to the UFC's Anti-Doping Policies

The heavyweight legend is also considering legal action against Brock Lesnar.


Saints Safety Kenny Vaccaro Found Out He Was Suspended for PED Violation from NFL Network

Somehow the NFL Network knew about Vaccaro's suspension before anyone else.


The NSAC Introduce New Laws in the Fight Against PEDs

While the world focuses on the NSAC’s draconian punishments for Conor McGregor, the commission has actually done some good for combat sports of late.


Boxing Champion Facing Actual Prison Time for Doping Violation

In Germany, using PEDS is now a criminal offense.


Jeff Novitzky on Jones, Brock, Hunt, Exemptions and Tainted Supplements

Jeff Novitzky gives his thoughts on Jones' claims of a "quick return," Brock's exemption, Hunt's call for compensation, and "tainted supplements" becoming the go-to excuse for fighters.


Will ESIC Be the Organization to Enforce Competitive Integrity in Esports?

We've heard this sales pitch before. The Esports Integrity Coalition is the latest organization to position itself as a force to save esports from the pitfalls—doping, match-fixing, corruption—that could consume them.