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    • 9.12.13

      Introducing the Guccione Archives Issue

      The September issue of VICE is made up of photos, interview transcripts, art, and pages of text pulled from the archives of Bob Guccione, Sr.—the legendary magazine publisher, provocateur, and entrepreneur who built a media empire that started with...

    • 7.1.13

      The Return of 'OMNI'

      How my obsession turned into a dive into the magazine's archives, which turned into a full-blown resurrection.

    • 6.28.13

      'OMNI' Magazine Will Rise Again

      The magazine's been out of print for 15 years, but while it lasted it was a gonzo blend of science and science fiction. It was sexy, irreverent, scarily prescient, and I never imagined that I'd find myself elbow-deep in the biggest 'OMNI' collection in...

    • 6.2.10

      Our House

      The view of the San Francisco Bay from at the top of a 100-foot coastal redwood is just as panoramic as, say, that from a high-rise apartment in the city's posh neighborhood of Russian Hill.