Pepsi Thinks 2018 Is a Great Time to Start Making "Snacks for Women"

At long last—chips that ladies can eat, too!


A New Health Lawsuit Compares Big Soda to the Tobacco Industry

It might sound like an exaggeration to compare the big soda companies to corporations like Philip Morris, but a recent lawsuit is alleging just that.


Cracker Jack Toys Are Now Digital Because Your Childhood Is Dead

After 125 years of providing children (and adults) with tangible surprises, the good folks at Frito-Lay have decided to keep up with the times and provide consumers with what they call the Prize Inside Mobile Experience.


Pepsi Does Not Want to Be A Soda Company Anymore

After years of declining sales and the international war on sugary drinks raging on, soft drink giants are distancing themselves from the sodas brands which were once their crown jewels.


Leaked Documents Show Hundreds of Companies Like IKEA, FedEx, and Amazon are Dodging Tax in Luxembourg

A new investigation shows some of the biggest corporations in the world are avoiding hundreds of billions of dollars of tax by channeling funds through Luxembourg.