Pérez Art Museum Miami


Domino Dancing: The Puerto Rican Curator Exploring Miami's Hybrid Culture

Hailing from Puerto Rico and now resident in the Magic City, curator María Elena Ortiz is bringing artists' diverse stories to light.


An Artist Designed the Perfect Seats for Comfortably Checking Your Phone

The loungers are ergonomically designed for optimal browsing, scrolling, and 'gramming.


A Fever Dream Set to the Hand-Painted Films of Stan Brakhage

The late cinema great's films came together with the work of composer Gustavo Matamoros for a night in Miami that was tantamount to meditating with the gods.


Biology and Mythology Meet in Psychedelic Sculptures

'When Two Are In One' features 11 specially commissioned sculptures by Matthew Ronay that explore reproduction, the human body and more.


Dev Hynes' PAMM Collaboration Shines in Miami

The performer’s work with Ryan McNamara brought elements of Miami’s diversity together through movement sound, and color.


The New "New Normal" Emerges in the Photographs of Jeff Wall

Miami’s Pérez Art Museum recontextualizes the artist's photographs as documents of urbanization’s societal impact.