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Shea Stadium Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Reopen Beloved Brooklyn Venue

The East Williamsburg independent music haven closed down on March 9 due to "pressure from local authorities."
Alexander Iadarola
restaurant industry

Reopening a Restaurant in New York City Can Be a Total Nightmare

Ever since his Belgian french fry shop was destroyed in a fire last year, the owner of Pommes Frites has been trying to rebuild and reopen—but like other restaurant owners in New York City, he's realized that's easier said than done.
Wyatt Marshall

How Rapper HEEMS Is Helping Cab Drivers Eat

Artist HEEMS is a busy guy, rapping, writing poetry, and currently working on a new television show about his life. But he's recently become an unexpected activist, helping to improve the meals of New York City cab drivers with an unusual source.
Helen Hollyman
street vendors

NYC Street Vendors Want to End the Black Market for Permits

In 1981, NYC permanently capped the available number of food cart permits at 3,000. While the permits originally cost $200, vendors are now renting them on the black market for up to $25,000 annually.
Matthew Sedacca
Ice Cream

Artisanal Gelato and Climate Change Are Killing New York's Ice Cream Truck Mafia

Ice cream dons often have had the business in their family for decades, and everyone knows everyone else. There are two things you need to join the club—a mobile food permit and a list of good spots where you can sell—and both are almost impossible to...
Tove Danovich
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Food Safety Experts Want You to Stop Buying Cheesecake from Facebook Strangers

Sacramento is struggling to regulate huge Facebook groups where anyone and everyone can sell homemade dishes prepared without any assurance of food safety.
Munchies Staff
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Montreal’s Food Truck Plan Is a Symbolic 'Screw You' to Poor People and Immigrants

As those who are attentive to gastronomic rumblings in Canada are doubtless already aware, a few weeks ago it was announced that Montreal is finally lifting its 60-odd year ban on street food, although it is doing it in a way that is as perversely...
VICE Staff