Orange, Saffron, and Honey Tahchin Recipe

The classic Persian baked rice dish doesn't always have to be savory.
Farideh Sadeghin

Khoresh-e Fesenjan

This fragrant and simple Iranian stew is laced with pomegranate molasses and toasted walnuts, giving it a pleasant sweet and sour flavor.
Farideh Sadeghin
Middle Eastern food

These Butchers Are Bringing Middle Eastern Whole-Animal Roasts to LA

Debbie Michail and Alex Jermasek's roving pop-up Logmeh encourages diners to eat with their hands, make new friends, and experience cuisines that are frequently undervalued in the West.
Hillary Eaton

Iran's Pistachios Are Worrying American Farmers

Pistachio farmers in the US are worried about their business now that they face competition from a country where pistachios have been grown since—well, for a very, very long time.
Alex Swerdloff

Goldfish and Problem-Solving Nuts: Scenes from Persian New Year

Goldfish, bonfires, and problem-solving nuts are just a few of the things that mark the celebration of Nowruz, the Persian New Year. Translation: Two weeks of family, gifts, and gluttony.
Aida Baghernejad

Flavours With Subtitles: A Separation

What if A Separation was a three-course meal? Tim Richmond—chef at Melbourne's eatery/cinema Longplay—creates three Farhadi-inspired dishes to answer that very question.
Tim Richmond

How to Survive a Mehmooni Party in Iran

Persian hospitality can be bad for your health. At a traditional mehmooni party, your gracious hosts will literally try to stuff you full of food until you can't take it any more—and that's why I've learned how to lie through my teeth.
Leila Nilipour
Los Angeles

Huang's World: Los Angeles, Part 1

Eddie rolls through Tehrangeles to shop for exorbitantly priced Persian rugs, eat brain and tongue sandwiches, and test out magical saffron ice cream before hitting Little Tehran's most famed hookah spot.
Eddie Huang